Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Forward

I am sitting in my apartment wearing shorts and a tank top. My hair is slathered with deep conditioner and wrapped in plastic wrap, and my face is spotted with a green mint masque. I just pained my toenails and I feel beautiful.

All 6 of my windows are open wide so I can catch any sounds and breezes that might float through. I have incense burning and I have watered all my plants. The road to springtime redemption has offically begun on this already delightful first day of the long-awaited season.

Nick and I just ate some eggs and toast with a big glass of milk, and now he's playing the Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds." Soon we're going to go pick up two end tables from a neighbor who is moving to London, who has also offered to throw in a beautiful aloe plant as well as any other knickknacks we might find useful. Maybe we'll take some laundry to be done, partly as an excuse to stroll through our lovely neighborhood.

I'm going to paint my nails later, perhaps go out to eat, and then tonight I'm off to see "The Cherry Orchard" with a very dear friend.

Ahhh..... What a lovely first day of spring...

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