Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Obligatory New Year's Resolution Post

As you can probably tell from the title, this is going to be boring. But that's pretty much what my blog has become, seeing as I NEVER post anymore. Without further ado, here are my new year's resolutions in no particular order.
  • Blog more. Perhaps a goal of once a week is attainable. Yes, let's try for that...
  • Read more nonfiction and news. I've already begun this one with "How We Die," which is beautifully written and very interesting. And I am going to finally buckle down and get subscriptions to The New Yorker and The New York Times online.
  • Play more guitar. Mostly as an excuse to sing, and also it's therapeutic.
  • Make long overdue doctor's and dentist appointments. Four for me, plus one for my cat!
  • Continue thinning out my wardrobe. I really need to get rid of more things.
  • On that note, buy fewer things. Unless I really need them for work or something. And then I will continue to fix up things I already have and try to only buy designer things at Housing Works.
  • Eat better! I used to eat spinach for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Let's try that again. I pretty much just need to not eat delicious banh mi EVERY DAY for lunch.
  • Exercise. At least twice a week. Right now I do NOTHING, so anything is an improvement. No gyms, though, because they are awful and I hate them and I refuse to go. I will run, take ballet, clear my head with yoga, use our pull up bar at home. I can do it!
  • Along those lines, lose a few pounds so I don't look terrible in my cousin's wedding pictures this summer. If I actually do the previous two things, this shouldn't be too difficult. I hope...
  • Work my butt off in my new fancy big girl job, because guess what, I am getting a promotion! This also entails negotiating a decent raise.
  • And while I'm getting the big nonprofit bucks (hah!), I should probably try to get my financial life in order. It's in shambles right now. I need to find a new bank I think.
  • So once I have all that in order... I need to save serious money.
  • And while we're saving things, let's save the whales.
  • And the trees.
  • Let's save the ozone, too.
  • And also puppies.
  • Last but not least... Save Ferris.