Thursday, July 31, 2008


Having been re-inspired to take part in this new-fangled technological phenomenon called "blogging," I am now wasting precious time at the office to write this. Instead of writing I could be doing things I normally do at work, which include:

1. Conversing on Gmail Chat with people I see/talk to every day, some of whom are mere steps from my desk.
2. Reading the terrible, terrible Metro or AM New York newspapers.
3. Browsing the New York Times and trying desperately to pretend that I am up to date on current events and celebrity gossip, though I'm not even sure who the "ennifer" part of "Bennifer" is.
4. Eating.
5. Ignoring my boss. Oh wait! That's exactly what I'm doing. Weird.
6. Sudoku...though the "easy" ones regularly take me a half hour at minimum to complete.
7. Working. HAH.

Here I am watching my blackberries get moldy (6th Avenue fruit man, I WILL have my revenge), trying desperately to feign an interest in anthing remotely close to my job, and tearing myself away from the newly discovered blog, "What Claudia Wore."

Lunchtime is my only escape, and luckily I get to chat it up for an hour with some lovely young ladies around who are just as bored and frustrated as I am. Somehow the Babysitters Club came up yesterday, and we decided that it was awesome and we are in love with it and are creating a new BSC at the lunch table. I am Dawn...which is no surprise to anyone who knows me. But I'm also a huge fan of Claudia's wardrobe and her addiction to junk food. Unfortunately, I'm not an artsy Japanese girl with crazy fact, none of us are, so I think Claudia will just be a ghost for a while until we have more diversity at the office. Anyway, I learned about this blog, am now a giant ridiculous fan, and that's that. I have to get back to reading it.

Now my boss is on speaker phone with his wife and I can very cleary hear her strong Queens accent which is absolutely stifling to my creativity. This is the signal to read someone else's mindless blather. Claudia, here I come...