Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Slang

I haven't exactly been keeping up with this thing, have I? Sorry to my millions (ahem, four) followers. There just seem to be too many other important things in real life to do that I just forget to sit down and wax philosophical about my observations and experiences and all that crap. Is it really that interesting anyway? Probably not.

I just finished writing thank you notes to the three former employers of mine who acted as references for my new job. If they were women I'd send them flowers, but what do you send a guy? An expensive and overpriced gift basket? Sorry, I don't have the cash flow to send three $80 baskets full of crackers and cheese and olive tapinade. So a note will have to suffice. I've already thanked two of them in person anyway. I really do appreciate their help, though. Starting this new job should be a breath of fresh air into my life, which from 9 to 5 on weekdays was beginning to feel stale and stagnant. Well, not quite had been that way for a while. The only things that keep me sane are the lovely ladies who I shared my time there with, and they're what I'll miss most about my old place of employment. But I have to grow up and take on new challenges, figure out what the hell I'm actually meant to be on this Earth for -- and I knew I wouldn't find that where I was, no matter how many lovely conversations and shopping trips we have day to day.

Speaking of coworkers, one of mine got MARRIED recently (and she will soon be reading this post when she gets back from her fabulous HONEYMOON!)!!!!! Six other current and former coworkers attended, dragging along two boyfriends (one of them mine) and a husband. We had an AMAZING time at the beautiful wedding, and it was a really nice way to wrap up my time at The Organzation That Shall Not Be Named. Angela looked GORGEOUS in her gown and as far as I could tell, the day went smoothly and everyone was happy. At least that's what I thought, since all I could see when I looked at Angela were her teeth because she was smiling so much. Congratulations, little bride. You got wifed!

I've also been bopping around the city recently doing all those fun things you do when the weather is warm and everyone is in a good mood. We had a book club meeting in Washington Square Park, complete with gourmet snacks and way too much wine, and recruited two new members to the club... The book club has been good for me since it's made me stop being such a literary snob and just pick up something light and entertaining once in a while. Or to pick up an international bestseller that I'd previously snubbed and realize that it's a bestseller for a reason -- because it's awesome -- and then continue to read the next two books in the series. Sometimes it's nice to just kick back and be a normal girl, rather than reading all these harsh and depressing novels all the time... Then again, in between the book club books, I find myself gravitating toward stories about Prague Spring or Agfhan immigrants, so I don't think I'll ever change.

Let's see, what else have I done... I went to the Native American Heritage Festival in Brooklyn with this lovely lady and her boyfriend, where I watched some stunning Polynesian and Aztec dancers and bought some lavender body spray, a beautiful white linen dress, and brass earrings based on a design by the Moche tribe of Peru. Yesterday I went to the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island and met up with an old coworker as well as my cousin and her friends. When I first went to the parade two years ago I vowed to march in it, and then last year I completely forgot about it... Maybe because the weather was so crappy EVERY DAY last June. Ugh. This would have been the perfect year -- the weather so PERFECT, but of course I completely forgot to check when the date was. Next year, I fully plan on gluing seashells to my nipples, painting myself glittery green, and donning a ridiculous wig and a sequined skirt and being the most fabulous mermaid I can be. How can I live in Brooklyn for so long and NOT take part in this incredible tradition?

I also rediscovered some old music on my computer that I had never converted to mp3 format after I got this new computer... So now I'm listening to Belle & Sebstian and The Shins again (hence the title of this post). Lovely stuff that takes me back to freshman year... Ahhh....

Ok I'm over this. Today is Father's Day, and I guess I really ought to have been writing about how much I appreciate my dad and all that. But I'm not going to bore you with all that. I love my dad and he's an amazing guy, and I think I'll just give him a call right now.

Then I'll clean this apartment and try to get back to writing some fiction I just started up again. Aren't you proud of me?

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