Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Travel Bug

This blog made me remember that Nick has relatives in Denmark... His uncle married a Danish woman and he has 4 daughters who I think are in their teens, so that could be fun... So here are possibilities for free places to stay in Europe!

France - Visit Mom's cousin Sarah and her family at her chateau... It will sound pretty fancy when I can say, "I'm going to summer in the South of France." Ooh la la...

Germany - Stay at farm owned by Mom's cousin Jim. I have no idea where this is or if it's near any cities, but it would be nice. I know I also have German relatives in the Baden region but I have no idea who they are. I think one of them is the crazy cousin Maria who lost the house that had been in my family for generations. I should probably find it and buy it.

Ireland - Stay at condo in Connemara owned by Mom's cousin Peter. My parents visited there last year and loved every minute of it. There were sheep everywhere...no joke. I saw pictures. The landscape is beautiful and the local people are apparently the nicest, most welcoming in the world.

Denmark - Visit Nick's uncle and his family... Again, no idea where they live, but it would be great to do a tour of Scandinavia. Nick is part Swedish so I think they have relatives there as well.

I have never been to Europe, which saddens me greatly. Truthfully, I want to go to London the most, but I want to do that when I have a bit more money to spend, since I hear it's terribly expensive. I think I just want to go for the literary heritage... I feel like every English major should probably make a pilgrimage to London at some point. I need to pay homage to Shakespeare.

My travels involve a driving through and flying around a large portion of the United States, a quick trip to Canada, a week in Belize, and two weeks in Japan. More on that later...

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